Once upon a time there was an artist whose feet became deformed... :-(

>>>I'm a 60-year-old woman who worked as an artist, and, to pay the bills, a medical assistant. After leaving Virginia to move to Fayetteville, NC I found myself stranded with no car in the small house we rented in the country.
>>>Since my feet became deformed (crossed toes, dislocations, arthritis) I could not work in a job that required standing for long periods, i.e. - a medical assistant. I also could not get health insurance due to losing a kidney to cancer in 2005.
>>>Anyway, in 2014 the Affordable Health Care Act became law and I had the first of 1 - 2 surgeries on my left foot, then we start on my right. With my feet keeping me housebound and unable to spend the time on my feet to paint (I also had no room to set up a studio). I needed an outlet for my creative side.
>>>I found a shop on the net that had a beautiful Buddha pendant on a cord. Loved the pendant - hated the cord. I paired it with a Tanzanite chip necklace and Ocean Gypsy Jewelry was born.
>>>As an artist I was interested making jewelry, but, had no idea where to start. I was watching JTV (Jewelry Television) when a starter package for jewelry making came on. My parents offered to buy it for me as a birthday present. Mike and I were packing to move to NC when it arrived so it was packed away and put in storage until we found a place to rent. Unfortunately the house is very small - three rooms and a bath - so it took awhile for me to figure out a system of storage that was easy enough to get out and put away on a daily basis. With one Buddha necklace made I started looking for more supplies.
>>>While shopping for supplies online I discovered Etsy. After researching other avenues to sell jewelry I picked Etsy. They don't require a website and their rates are far below the others I looked into. Etsy also gives members free, valuable info to help you make it in the competitive online market.
>>>I want to keep my jewelry priced so the average person can afford one of a kind designs. I use mostly semiprecious gemstones, but, due to price increases in both salt and freshwater pearls I'm trying glass pearls and odd shaped pearls (potato pearls). You will always be notified whether the pearls are glass or genuine. Also, I found some really nice glass beads and silver charms, so my jewelry designs have evolved and my shop is growing - now I'm waiting on the sales to grow, lol.

Hugs and Peace,
Helen Wilkins, Owner, Designer and Manufacturer

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