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Now on Sale! Your choice! Gemstone Pendulums on Sterling Silver Diamond Cut Mariner Link Chain


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    Your choice of gemstone Chakra pendulums. Choose from sodalite, cherry quartz, clear quartz, white howlite, green aventurine, opalite or malachite on a 2mm 18" or 20" sterling silver diamond cut mariner link chain.

    Quartz is considered the most powerful energy and healing amplifier on the planet. This is due to its unique helical spiral crystalline form. It's found all over the world. It is excellent for storing, regulating and unblocking energy.

    It's believed by many to take energy to the most perfect point possible - back to the body's state before disease set in. It is also believed to be a deep soul cleanser, aids concentration and memory.

    Sodalite is believed to unite logic and intuition. It instills a drive for truth and idealism, making it possible to stand up for what you believe in. It is also believed to balance metabolism, help with calcium deficiencies and insomnia. It helps the throat, vocal cords (my husband thinks I need to wear this while singing, he thinks he knows because he's been a musician for 50 years, I say he's tone deaf, lol) larynx.

    Malachite is an extremely versatile healing stone. It has been called the "midwife" stone as it aids in childbirth. It eases menstrual cramps and helps with everything from asthma to vertigo. Its uses are too lengthy to list in this description, but, if you'd like more information on this or any other stone or crystal just let me know and I'd be happy to supply it.

    Howlite helps to relieve insomnia, balance calcium levels which can aid teeth and bone health.

    Green aventurine is helpful in controlling blood pressure and cholesterol. It helps with inflammation, skin eruptions, migraines and allergies.

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    All items are shipped First Class by the USPS Flat Rate service unless otherwise requested. They promise delivery in 2-3 days.


    I have taken photos of merchandise outside or using a flash and taken care to make sure they are as close to the actual merchandise in texture and color as possible so if you have a question about the color, size, etc. please contact me before making your purchase. Almost all items are photographed without clasps to accommodate custom requests for people who have trouble using certain types of clasps. All toggle clasps are the same price unless you request one in sterling or gold (solid, not plated or gold filled) then the price will be higher. Please read descriptions regarding size, materials, etc.


    One of a kind - means I designed and assembled the jewelry from various craft suppliers (including Etsy shops).

    I would be happy, and honored, to design something just for you, if you would like two of the same design (for "sisters", "friends", "mother/daughter", etc.) that's fine.

    $$$$ If you would like an item in solid gold, sterling silver or precious gems I can design a piece for your approval, however, it will take a little longer I'm just starting out and cannot keep these items in stock.